Ruffled Blanks

Custom boutique embroidery blanks with fun ruffles! You choose color and size of item and add your choice of color ruffle. PLEASE NOTE!! Due to the hand work and custom nature of these items please allow 2-3 weeks production time before shipment.
Chiffon Ruffled Short Sleeve Toddler Dress
Product ID : BEB1035T
Chiffon Ruffled Short Sleeve Infant Dress
Product ID : BEB1035B
Chiffon Ruffled Long Sleeve Toddler Dress
Product ID : BEB1029T
Long Sleeve Chiffon Ruffled Tutu Onesie
Product ID : BEB1030
Chiffon Ruffled Long Sleeve Infant Dress
Product ID : BEB1029B
Girl's 7-16 Chiffon Ruffled Tank
Product ID : BEB1013
Infant/Toddler Chiffon Ruffled Neck Tank Top
Product ID : BEB1012
Ruffled Tutu Tank Onesie
Product ID : BEB1011
Ruffled Newborn Baby Layette Gowns
Product ID : BEB1006
Chiffon Ruffled Butt Infant Onesies
Product ID : BEB1003
Chiffon Ruffled Embroidery Blank Tutu Onesies
Product ID : BEB1002
Chiffon Ruffled Embroidery Blank T-Shirts
Product ID : BEB1001